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From the professionals who brought you MedZone®, find everyday Chub Rub® prevention from your head to your toes – always only a swipe away. Our skincare solutions are designed to help every body and every size feel better, every day. At home, on the go, and everywhere in between, we are made to fit your lifestyle (and not the other way around). More than a comfort to the plus community, we’re proudly one of its biggest allies. We’ve met you at community events, fashion conventions, blog parties and beyond, but most importantly, we’ve heard you. Every purchase supports our mission to continue dedicating ourselves to the plus community by sponsoring events, influencers, entrepreneurs and projects that align with the Zone Naturals brand.

How To Manage Friction Burn Blisters | ZoneNaturals

The friction burn blister is larger than two inches or oozes. Our chemical-free anti-chafe formulation delivers an effective blend of natural ingredients to moisturize, energize, and protect your skin and provide thigh chafing protection. To explore more organic products visit our website.


How to Prevent Common Running Injuries Including Friction Burn Blister?

Where running is immensely beneficial for a health perspective; at the same time, it could be bother-able to some individuals. There are very high chances of getting any injury due to running that many of you might have not imagined. This might result in a to a full-blown out knee caps if you’re not careful while running.

Easy Solution for Friction Blisters – Zone Naturals

When you are a sports person, blisters are common for you to have, especially on feet. The friction formula by Zone Naturals can help you reducing the pain caused due to friction blisters and the blisters themselves too.  Visit us on our official website and prevent painful friction burn whenever your skin rubs against itself.

How to help chafing – Zone Naturals
How to help chafing – Zone Naturals

Chafing is one of the most common skin problem that can happen to anyone. Are you one of those suffering from chafing rash? The, Zone Naturals presents you the best anti chafing product to help you with chafing – Bust Balm, which glides through the skin easily giving the long lasting effect.

Easily prevent blisters with Blister Formula – Zone Naturals
Easily prevent blisters with Blister Formula – Zone Naturals

The blister formula is a mixture of aloe vera and tea tree oil both of which are effective in treating blisters. The product is made for everyday use, especially for athletes and active people who exercise daily and tend to get blisters more often. You can easily get via our official website and free yourself from painful irritation of blisters.

Friction Blister Treatment - Zone Naturals

Try to protect the blister with a sterile bandage if continued irritation is unavoidable. After some time the blisters automatically heal, because our skin provides the natural protection to avoid the infection. Use domestic friction blister treatment like, wash the area with soap and water, stay dry, etc.  For more information, you can visit our official website.



Prevent Chafing - Anti Chafing Stick – Zone Naturals

Chafing is one of those awful sensations that can put a serious damper on the day. It is a condition in which the skin is irritated from abrasive contact. It is caused by constantly rubbing of the one part of your body against the another part of your body. If you want to avoid it, then you can use our anti chafing stick to prevent chafing. This product is made with organic ingredients & it is paraben-free, cruelty-free.

Tips to Help Prevent Chafing – Zone Naturals

If you're an athlete, then you know that you are more prone to skin irritations than others. You have to be careful about the clothes you wear and how you perform. If you end up with an irritation, this can impact your performance in a negative way. But don’t worry! There are many products available in market to prevent chafing. Anti chafing stick is one of them. This will help prevent chafing and skin irritations. You can find some great anti chafing sticks online from zone naturals. This is a skin care company that is focused on helping the athletic minded person.

Friction Blister Treatment – Zone Naturals

Friction Blisters are often formed when the area of the skin is under too much pressure. Blisters can happen on the feet when wearing tight shoes. Blisters can also occur as a result of an illness such as chickenpox, herpes and pemphigus. Friction Blisters can be prevented by avoiding substances that causes irritation to your skin, and minimizing friction. Avoid chemical irritants and other sources of allergens that can cause blistering on the skin. If you have any questions regarding friction blister treatment, don’t hesitate to ask us at Zone Naturals.

Prevent Chafing – Zone Naturals

Thigh rub occurs when our thighs rub against skin while we are walking or exercising. The skin becomes red and irritation appears because of the rubbing. If you are also experiencing this when you run in shorts, then don’t worry! There are varieties of products available in the market which you can use to prevent chafing.

For more information regarding chafing, you can visit us.

How to Get Rid of Chafing? – Zone Naturals

The chafing, rashes caused by chub rub can be painful and stressful. It can be difficult to prevent it from happening. But you don’t worry about painful skin irritations from fabric, digging or sweating. Zone naturals is always here with best products to get rid of chafing. Our Bust Balm Formula is an everyday friction prevention stick. This stick provides lasting comfort that’s only a swipe away.


What to do for Chafing? – Zone Naturals

Chafing is usually caused by any activity that requires skin to repeatedly rub against another area of skin or clothing. If you also suffer from chafing, and have many questions in mind like- how to avoid chafing? & what to do for chafing? You can always visit us to learn more about chafing. We stand by our promise to make a product  you can feel good about buying and using. 


Do you know how to stop blisters or running blisters? ZoneNaturals gives you Anti-Friction Stick for preventing blisters. This organic stick provides a long-lasting and mess-free solution that's only a swipe away. Say goodbye to blisters and enjoy happy skin every day with our all-natural formulas.

FabUPlus Magazine Founder Unboxes Surprise New Product

Bust Balm by Zone Naturals Unboxed for the First Time by Shannon From FabUplus. Bust Balm the new anti chafe stick for under the bust or along the sports bra line is now available on Amazon.

How to Relieve Chafing? - Zone Naturals

Chafing is skin irritation that occurs where skin rubs against skin, clothing, or other material. Are you looking for best solution to prevent it? Here we discuss some important tips for how to relieve chafing?

  1. Avoid coarse clothing. Wear 100% cotton fabric
  2. Reduce friction against your skin by wearing the right kind of clothing
  3. Avoid activities that cause chafing
  4. Wear clean and dry clothing.
  5. Use petroleum jelly or baby powder on chafed areas until the skin heals.

Happy Holidays from Zone Naturals

As we celebrate the first holiday season since Zone Naturals launched, we want to take a moment to say thank you.

Have a safe and happy holiday, from our family to yours!


  1. Wishing you a season of gladness,
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